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With IVF, Western medicine has completed an incredible feat in serving to couples have children. Nevertheless, hundreds, if not thousands of years before IVF was even an option, Chinese medicine has been helping girls improve their fertility and overcome fertility problems.

At present, we are lucky to live in an period where both these types of medicine are available to everyone.

As a Natural Fertility Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Milton Keynes acupuncturist, my philosophy is to embrace both sides and combine Western and Chinese medicine to achieve the best results. Both types of medicine have superb strategies to help couples with every kind of fertility challenges so why not mix the most effective of both worlds? Why hop on one leg when you can walk on ?

What do fertility treatments, together with IVF, actually do?

Fertility remedies, reminiscent of IVF, enhance your possibilities of getting pregnant in a single month by rising the number of available eggs per cycle and getting the egg and sperm together to create an embryo.

However, getting pregnant and having a wholesome being pregnant includes a lot more than just getting sperm to fertilize an egg. The body must be wholesome and in balance to help the growing baby. Hormones should be balanced and there needs to be an excellent blood supply to the fetus to produce all the nice things a baby needs to grow and develop normally.

This is the place Chinese medicine and acupuncture has much to offer. Chinese medicine consists of Chinese herbs, acupuncture and food regimen and life-style advice. While IVF takes care of the mechanical facet of getting the sperm and egg collectively, Chinese medicine and acupuncture can

Reduce stress & anxiety and lower stress hormone levels that will impair effective functioning of the hypothalamic-pituitary-ovary (HPO) axis
Enhance and strengthen normal well being to permit for a wholesome pregnancy
Improve quality of eggs and sperm
Reduce the side effects of hormone injections and different medications which can be a part of an IVF cycle
Increase blood circulation to the uterus and improve the liner of the uterus
Forestall uterine contraction publish-transfer of embryo and thereby bettering likelihood of implantation
Stop miscarriage
Help the expansion and development of the baby
The best time to start out fertility acupuncture is two to 3 months earlier than your IVF cycle begins to get the utmost impact and have one of the best chance of improving egg quality and enhancing overall health. However, fertility acupuncture will be mixed with fertility therapies because the IVF cycle begins. Your possibilities of success will nonetheless be higher than with none acupuncture at all.