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Cryptocurrency exchange is a lucrative enterprise, particularly when you look at exchanges like Binance that has made tens of millions in just one year.

Nonetheless, running a crypto trade isn't any child’s play as it is much more difficult than running a stock market exchange.

One must have enough funds, world-class architecture, strong security protocols, and a model image to succeed really.

Binance has already proved that with successful token economics and high-end architecture, all this is possible.

That’s why another alternate that already has a brand and architecture in place is making an attempt to straighten up its token economics and marketing efforts to serve international crypto investors.

Huobi Professional – a leading global digital asset alternate, is a brand of Huobi Global. Huobi Global is a world-leading cryptocurrency monetary services group. And as of now, Huobi Pro trades more than a hundred digital belongings and is based out of Singapore.

Huobi is working in this area since 2013, so there's absolutely no doubt about their capabilities. That’s why now they are expanding their operations and have planted offices in Singapore, the United States, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong to widen their reach.

Huobi Global also has a HADAX (Huobi Autonomous Digital Asset Trade) alternate brand which is the world’s first autonomous token listing exchange.

Here, HT token holders can vote for the tokens that they need to see on HADAX exchange and typically when the profitable token is compliant with Huobi Professional’s listing criteria, it is listed on Pro as well. (More on HADAX & HT token later).

Getting Began With Huobi

Getting started with Huobi is easy. You might be required to register using your e mail ID and set a password. But for higher withdrawal limits, you should submit your documents for KYC.

Post which you can log into Huobi Pro alternate and see this landing page which seems to be pretty clean. On wanting closer, you can see that Huobi shows all the charting indicators and charts of various time frames for knowledgeable traders to put their bets on Huobi.

Huobi Pro offers trading help in more than a hundred thirty international locations and has opened trading offices and operation facilities in Singapore, the United States, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, and plenty of other countries. It also supports thirteen languages to serve customers in above-mentioned countries.

HT Token & Its Benefits
HT token (Huobi token) is an ERC20 token on Ethereum blockchain. It is a native token for Huobi Professional and HADAX change by means of which one can get exclusive benefits. A few of the exciting benefits that HT token holders take pleasure in are:

HT token payers can get trading fee reductions (up to 50%) and get VIP memberships.
HT token holders can vote for token listings on HADAX exchange.
HT token supplies liquidity. And they're also repurchased by Huobi each quarter to place in Huobi Investor Safety Fund.
Charge Schedule Of Huobi Professional

The fees on Huobi Pro trade is nominal and follows maker/taker schedule for the trading payment as follows:

Maker fees: 0.2%
Taker fees: 0.2%

Closing Thoughts

On the first look, it might sound that Houbi trade is doing just like Binance however for my part, there are significant differences between the two.

Among the USPs of the Huobi change that makes it different and higher from Binance are:

Huobi has HT tokens which can be used for voting and therefore reduces the due diligence time for Huobi exchange. In this also they've a multi-layered scrutiny of projects which provides more credibility to their process.
Huobi has pledged to buy HT tokens every quarter from their 20% income to place in Huobi Investor Protection Fund, which is a must-have USP nowadays when centralized exchanges are prone to hacks. This is just like the insurance for the HT token and Huobi users in an unforeseeable event.
Subscription-based VIP membership and fee discounts are designed to lure institutional investors. And a fee low cost feature that doesn’t end after a few years, as you've gotten in Binance, is undoubtedly an excellent feature.
Plus, with a single login password on Huobi Professional, one gets access to Margin account, HADAX, and OTC trade which is an effective thing for the long-term adoption of their platform.
Moreover, Huobi is regularly doing completely different sorts of airdrops, token listings, pleasant competitions to incentivize its users which will in the end drive consumer interest for Huobi. A few of the examples of the identical are: Cheer for the World Cup Win four Million SOCs Airdrop, Huobi EON and EOP Airdrop, Win as much as 8,000 USDT worth of HT etc.